Learn to write for your most engaged reader, not your harshest critic.

Reconnect with your scholarly work.

Move ahead.



Academic Coaching

An academic coach encourages you to do your own work. But more than that, a coach gives you the tools to write more efficiently, more meaningfully, and with more enthusiasm and less anxiety. Working with the right coach is an experience that can boost your career and change your life.

Idea Therapy

Idea Therapy is the talking cure for your academic writing. It can help you find your focus, refine your point, restructure your chapters, and start writing at a faster clip. You’ll learn how to transform an old idea into a new one, resolve conflicting feedback, and overcome the anxiety about producing excitingly new work.

Public Scholars

Faculty are increasingly encouraged to think about engagement, impact, and outreach, and to sharpen their approach to scholarship and ask bigger, more meaningful questions. Becoming a public scholar is a chance to find new directions for your brilliance while raising your professional profile. 


I learned strategies for taking time off (sometimes harder than working!) ... and making space for my non-academic writing. I learned how to stay connected to a long term project while still meeting smaller deadlines. Perhaps most importantly, I learned how to celebrate my achievements and find strength and confidence in them.
— Irina Dumitrescu, University of Bonn

Scholars & Writers Consulting

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