What is a Tenure Track Roadmap?

It’s a clear, doable plan to help you get where you want to go with less stress and more confidence. It’s a way to prepare early and keep everything moving along, whether that’s getting a book contract, submitting articles, winning a fellowship, building your teaching portfolio, or developing your network. If you’ve just started your first job, we work together to see the big picture of the next several years. If you’re ready to submit your dossier for review, we work together to make it as strong as possible. And if you’re somewhere in between, I'll help you raise your profile, choose the best projects to pursue, and be your accountability partner so that you meet your goals. 

How does it work?

We meet four times throughout the year via phone or Skype. Together we’ll set reasonable goals for achieving your career milestones in publishing, teaching, and service work over the next year or years. When it's time, I help you prepare and collate your tenure materials and give you the confidence to call on other key resources for information and support. In between meetings we stay in touch via Google docs and email so that you can ask questions, update me on your progress, and get the support that keeps you moving forward.

Why do I need outside help getting tenure?

Wherever you are on the tenure track, having outside support, an experienced perspective, and a system of accountability will reduce your anxiety and push you forward more quickly.  Colleagues, friends, and family can be overly invested in your choices. I remain neutral and listen to what *you* want, work with you to plan the best way to achieve it, and offer clear, unbiased answers to your questions. I will guide you through what can sometimes be a thicket of myth and misinformation and prevent you from letting deadlines pile up at the last minute. I am here to encourage you when doubt, worry, or fatigue creeps in and to remind you of the exciting possibilities that are all part of the journey.

Why should I work with you?

Please note: This service is offered by an associate consultant, Daniel H. Foster.

I've successfully been through the tenure process at Duke University so I understand the feelings of anxiety, bewilderment, and excitement that this process brings. Although I welcome all kinds of clients, I especially enjoy working with those whose scholarship combines multiple disciplines or who work in fields that have both practical and theoretical components. I'm particularly adept at helping those who are trying to present their best tenure self while navigating difficult, even toxic departments. With 20 years of teaching and administrative experience in higher education I will listen carefully, offer understanding, and help you feel calmer and more confident.

How do I get started?

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